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I have somewhere a tape of Radio Kaleidoscope with DJ Larry Tremaine 'The Geeter'.
The one who was with RNI in the summer of 1970. But he is not in the list of 'Kaleidoscope People'.

Instead I find:
'The Geeter' Denny Tewson alter ego popping up on high power 'specials'
So this is another person doing 'an act' of the RNI person??

Best Regards
Hakan Widenstedt
Yes you are right. The 'Geeter' who did shows on Kaleidoscope was an imposter! It was not Larry Tremaine. In fact the guy who was Denny Tewson (who is now a well established DJ on British commercial radio) liked Larry's presentation so much he did several whole shows as 'The Geeter' - as a tribute. We hoped Larry didn't mind, but by that time I believe he was back in the States.
I thought 'Kaleidescope' were an English band, not a Dutch one ... ??? I know there was more than one band of that name, but I thought the one who recorded that song was the "limey" one. Someone played it here on KFJC last year ... I had not heard it since RK was around!

Brian J Potter
California USA
I must admit you would not be the first person to say this - you must understand that it was a long time ago and we didn't actually have the record, only a tape. I will have to throw this open for someone else to answer.
Regarding Brian Potters question about the Kaleidoscope theme, it would seem that the band Kaleidoscope were a UK band that later became Fairfield Parlour.....remember them??. The track "Kaleidoscope is from the 1967 album "Tangerine Dream".

Bob Dunn
Kent, UK
OK, OK that would seem to clinch it - I'll never call them Dutch again! I'll adjust the relevent page on this site accordingly. Nothing I can do about what I say on the "Final Hour" programme though!
From now on I will only include items on this page that are marked to be included. If you send 'private' mail to this site it will be kept it as such.

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