What we have vary in quality, some are from studio masters others recorded off air. To hear them you will need Real Player, but the good news is, if you haven't got it you can get the FREE basic player by clicking on the icon below. The bad new is it will take you a few minutes to download from the Real site, but its worth the wait as it can be used to listen to all kinds of audio, including streamed audio from all over the world. When you've got your player just click on subject below to hear it.

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Sounds marked STREAMING should play 'live' in your browser's Real Player plug-in (if installed). Others you will have to download which should then open Real Player and play the file. This can take a few 10's of seconds if you are not on broadband, more for bigger files, please be patient.

Radio Kaleidoscope Theme – 'Kaleidoscope' by Kaleidoscope STREAMING 1:51
Early K jingles based on PAMS Go-Go Series STREAMING 0:31
Dave Owen with the weekly station sign off - 1973 STREAMING 3:37
Station sign on Sunday December 29th 1974 1:30
"Lady P & Parker" RNIB Ad STREAMING 0:33
Mark Lawrence on "Change frequency Sunday" 1975 STREAMING 0:30
Dave Owen car sticker promo STREAMING 0:38
Rob Eden with an exert from 'An hour of Dutch Music' 1975 STREAMING 0:39
Phil Hazleton/ Pat Edison and a load of pillaged jingles! 1:09

Many thanks to Steve Silby and Andy Millmore for additions from their sound archive and to Chris Payne of Studio Anorak for rescuing many of these old sounds from dusty old 10" tape spools.

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