Colin King Founding father of Radio Kaleidoscope II
  Presenters/Announcers (not always their real names!)
  Dave Owen Mainline presenter, Ex Radio Jackie. Went onto Radio Caroline and ILR
  Pat Edison Mainline presenter, Ex Radio Jackie went into hospital radio then satellite Radio Caroline
  Phil Hazleton Mainline presenter went onto Radio Jackie and World Music Radio
  Keith Ross Jenson Mainline presenter
  Tony Rocket Mainline presenter
  Denny Tewson Mainline presenter. Also used the name Barry Martin. Went onto ILR
  Mark Lawrence Presenter of Tip Top 30. Went onto Radio Caroline
  Clive Thomas Mainline presenter. Went into Community/hospital radio and later satellite Radio Caroline
  Kelvin Michaels Mainline presenter. Went into hospital radio and latterly the revived Radio Jackie
  Paul Davis Music Week
  Nick Bennett Read radio news on Music Week
  Abe Cohen Read radio news Music Week. Ran London Transmitter of Independent Radio
  Roger Allen Ex Radio Jackie. Read the gig guide on Music Week
  Dickie Allen (No relation) Ex Radio Jackie - did shows in 1973 also went onto Radio Caroline
  Lee Oliver Read the gig guide on Music Week
  Steve Hampshire Read the gig guide on Music Week
  Rob Eden Sat in once with an hour of Dutch music! Ex Caroline
  Tony Allan Also sat in once (Tip Top 30) Ex-Caroline
  Maggie Stephenson Sat in occasionally/Telephones/Lady Penelope impersonator
  Phil Marshall Two shows summer '75 then on to Radio Caroline
  Paul McLaren Did some shows in 1974 went on to Radio Caroline
  Keith Ashton Aussie DJ who soon departed for Capital Radio's "London Link"!
  Steve Hanson Our second Aussie!
  Theo Verstraaten Did Tip Top 30 once or twice
  The Geeter Denny Tewson alter ego popping up on high power 'specials'
  Support/Site Staff
  Maurice Ogden Transmitter engineer
  Dave Chamberlain Aerial rigger/transport
  Riff Marchant Aerial rigger/transport/transmitter engineer
  Dave Cliff Driver/lookout
  Gerry Martyn Driver/lookout
  Paul Lock Transmitter engineer/aerial rigger
  Tony Collis Transmitter engineer
  Jim Kelso Telephones
  Bob Kelso Site Staff
  Tim & Paul Site Staff
  Mick Baldwin Transmitter engineer
  Andy Walker Lookout
  Ian Anderson Driver/lookout

If you made a contribution to Radio Kaleidoscope either in it's first incarnation or it's second then please contact me to be included in these lists – we want to get it right as a big token of thanks to all those people that believed enough in Free Radio to put themselves in jepody in what was after all an illegal activity (or were we just a bit naughty?)
It may have been a long time ago but what is it that never forgets?

Pat Edison

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