Covering Note.

As the programmes are getting better every week I think it's time we just have look at a couple of points.
As we know we play quite a considerable amount of new records by unknown artists plus our 'advanced chart' which makes up the bulk of the rest of the records we air each week.
I think it's important that the presenter puts over to the listener which records we are playing as 'chart records' and which records we are playing as 'new records' and which are oldies for that matter (although either the listener will know it's an oldie or will be informed of the fact by the presence of an 'oldie' jingle).
Although we don't want to get to the situation where every chart record is announced as Number X in the Top-Top-Thirty, or 'here's the new one by---', sometimes we are just getting a string of records being played with no mention that they are even singles available to the public.
We want to put over that the station revolves around our Top-Top-Thirty, that we also play plenty of new releases that are either available to the public now or in the near future and also to include in the shows a sprinkling of familiar 'golden oldies' to jog their memories.
The star points in the shows are the climber spots and of course the station 'Power Pick Play' which should put over to the listener the stations taste in music.
Keep up the good work.

Summary attached.

From – Programme Controller.
To – All Broadcasting and site staff
Subject – DO'S AND DON'TS.

DO – Start all programmes with PIPS, YOUR ID Jingle, and then SEGUE directly to the first chart record on your playlist. Thank the last presenter, and promote other presenters following but...

DON'T – Over promote other shows, the phone number, and the address for the sake of doing so on a link. When in doubt, shut up!

DO – Log what you have played on the format sheet – the promotions with different versions are designed to be played by different DJ's, and they will require to know which one you have played in order that you can play a DIFFERENT version.

DO – Get the Kaleidogram competition at THE BOTTOM OF THE HOUR. This should approximately follow the ninth record, and must NOT be back announced. The rule is KALEIDOGRAM – Segue – PPP Jingle – Segue – PPP. The Power Pick Play always follows the Kaleiodogram, and is never voiced over.

DO – Follow the playlist. IT IS MANDATORY – and if you don't follow it then there will be repetition of records too frequently, which will bore the audience.

DON'T – Do voice overs on EVERY record.

DON'T – Have dead air links – except on very rare occasions for special effect.

DO – Make all the chat relevant, and don't talk for the sake of it. All comment should assume the audience is intelligent, so get pronunciation of names, facts about groups, dates of Golden Oldies, New Releases etc., correct, or SHUT UP!

DO – Select old records from a range of years over the last TEN YEARS.

DO – Bring in records with a low level start at a later point...but...

DON'T – late start records as a precedent on vocals often. IT TENDS TO ANNOY THE AUDIENCE AS MUCH IF NOT MORE THAN PERSISTENT VOICE OVERS.

DON'T – Add comment to promotions while they are running.

DON'T – give too many time checks – especially in the afternoon,

DON'T – use promotions, jingles, etc. which contain your own voice. If this is impossible, then segue to the next disc WITHOUT VOICE OVER.

DO – at least ONE back to back segue per programme. Remember that we play MORE MUSIC, and we must PLAY IT. This is especially applies in the morning when we are collecting audience.

DON'T – come back over vocals or instrumental beds on the end of a record in the middle of 'punch lines' of 'instrumental phrases'. This kind of thing spoils the record, and makes us look as if we do not appreciate the music, which is what we claim on air.

DON'T – chase fades more than around 30 seconds before the record ends.

NEVER NEVER NEVER – back announce or comment on commercials.

DON'T – use too many in jokes. A little of it is fun, a lot will bore the audience.

NEVER – say we are a 'pirate' or a 'Free Radio station'. Behave always on air as if we are a licensed commercial radio station, and a professional one at that.

DON'T – put on funny voices (Except for special affect)

DO – always project the stations image, whilst sounding friendly, and not aloof, standoffish, cold....but don't be CONDESCENDING.

DON'T – have a nervous breakdown after reading this – just apply it!

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