General Information on programmes and content

Radio Kaleidoscope aims to be a highly professional radio station in transmission quality and in presentation. DJ programmes consist of at least 18 records in every hour on a rotational playlist, the emphasis being on new records, and records climbing the charts. Once a record starts to drop in the chart, it is no longer played on the Big K, as on National and other radio stations.

Every music hour contains at least 6 new releases, along with 2 DJ climbers, 4 revived 45's, 5 chart records, and the station Power Pick Play. The DJ climbers and the Power Pick Play are changed every two weeks in order to give these records reasonable exposure.

During the afternoon the format is varied slightly, with the revived 45's being replaced by suitable album tracks at the discression of the DJ.

The type of music heard on the Big K is basically middle of the road popular music, with the emphasis on QUALITY. Extremely heavy music will not be heard in daytime Sunday format, but on the other hand obvious hits by overplayed artistes which follow a repetitive formula (Eg 'The Sweet', 'Gary Glitter', 'Alvin Startdust', etc) will not be heard either.

The 'Music Week' programme is presented by 3 of the stations DJ's, and it features the Radio Kaleidoscope Tip Top 30 (the station playlist chart, which is ahead of, but not necessarily complimentary to the National chart) the DJ climbers and the Power Pick Play, and a ten minute record review section. In addition listeners letters and comments on the station are read out on the air.

The Radio Kaleidoscope Kaleidogram competition is another current feature in programming which attracts a large audience response. The competition invites a write in to rearrange the title of an artiste or disc to form as many words as possible with LP's as prizes. Other competitions are run for occasional special occasions, and listeners are invited to phone the station for prizes in answer to simple questions in the Big K instant quiz.

DJ's on Kaleidoscope do not talk over 'dead air' as on other radio stations, and the total aim of the programming is not to give an Ego trip to the presenter, but to give the listener what they want – the music.

The station slogan is 'WHAT RADIO IS ALL ABOUT' – and when people tune to 266m on Sundays we hope they like what they hear, and they wont tune away.

Radio Kaleidoscope does occasionally transmit on additional days to the Sunday transmissions, but these broadcasts cannot unfortunately be given prior publicity.

The Big K always welcomes listeners opinions on its programmes by phone, or to our mailing address. The current programme schedule is:

Programme schedule at June 2nd 1974

1000 PAT EDISON Music, and the Big K Playlist
Kaleidogram competition at 1030.
1100 DENNY TEWSON Music, and the Big K Playlist
Kaleidogram competition at 1130.
1200 MUSIC WEEK Pat Edison and Denny Tewson. DJ Climbers, the Power Pick Play, Listeners letters and pop news.
1220 Tony Rocket reviews the weeks best (and worst) new releases.
1230 Tony Rocket runs up the Big K Tip Top 30, and plays the climbing records.
1300 TONY ROCKET Music, and the Big K Playlist
Kaleidogram competition at 1330
1400 KEITH ROSS JENSON Music, the Big K Playlist and some LP tracks to wind up the days programmes.
Kaleidogram competition at 1430.

Frequency; 266m (EBU 66) 1133Khz Medium Wave.
Coverage; London

Programmes subject to alteration, extension, or curtailment at short notice.

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